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Tangible and Measureable Outcomes

K-12 Analytics

Like most K-12 schools, Prospect Hill Academy Charter School is focused on improving student achievement and graduation rates, but struggled with the ability to access, report, and analyze student, teacher, and school data collected across multiple disparate sources.  Read more about the positive impact of Assure's work.

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Wholesale Banking


Technology is transforming the banking industry and today’s financial institutions face mounting competition, changing client demands, and the need for strict control and risk management in a highly dynamic market. At the same time, technology has given rise to powerful business intelligence tools.  

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Asset Servicing


Imagine a unified Information Delivery Platform that is richly interactive, deliver information to the right people, at right time, in the right context, in multiple currencies and is accessible anywhere over the web. Impossible? Not with Assure as a partner. 

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Manufacturing Company


The increasing complexity of industrial manufacturing products, plants and regulations combined with the high cost of energy and raw materials requires industrial manufacturers to operate more efficiently than ever. 

Read more how a small AR company parrtnered with Assure to meet these challenges head on.  

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Government Agency


Up until recently, the main objective for the public sector was to easily and quickly access information; a goal that is now largely achieved thanks to Cloud technology and better BI tools. Now the challenge is how these same entities can efficiently access vast amounts of existing data, consolidate it and prepare it for analytical capabilities. Read more about the positive impact of Assure's work.

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Mystery Shopping


Across industries, brands look to provide superior customer experience and deliver on their brand promise to customers and guests. Data is the key to identifying trends and issues to make smart decisions on where to allocate time and resources. Read more how Assure helped a company enhance their offerings for customer optimization tools.

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