Success Story
Manufacturing Company

Little Roak, AR based manufacturing company employs 200 people in their 170,000 Sf.plant. Leading provider of highway signs in U.S


The increasing complexity of industrial manufacturing products, plants and regulations combined with the high cost of energy and raw materials requires industrial manufacturers to operate more efficiently than ever. The challenges faced today are helping accelerate the adoption of process automation technology and greater innovation in order to cut manufacturing costs and improve product quality. But doing so need not cut into employee resources; adoption needs to save money which in turn saves jobs. Read more how a small AR company partnered with Assure to meet these challenges head on.

Engagement  Objectives

  • Identify areas to optimize and streamline workflow to increase efficiency.
  • Ensuring that "automated process" didn't equal to lost jobs and was a "value-add' departments
  • Cost-effectively manage the on-going process




  • Rapidly implemented an end-to-end design process, starting from orders received by customers for signs and to swift delivery of the design to the plant for manufacturing.
  • Collaborated at length with the engineering team and helped them identify bottlenecks in the existing design process.
  • Built a robust application that allows users to create designs efficiently and deliver the output to various departments.
  • Instituted a dedicated offshore team at Assure's development center in India, enabling a substantial reduction for overall costs incurred by on-going management. 




  • Eliminated any chance for human errors in the design process by automating validation and cross-checks.
  • Directly responsible for reducing the company's operational costs by 50% thus in turn helping to reduce total manufacturing time (>30%)
  • Increased plant capacity by 25%
  • Management has increased visibility for all orders placed, pending, processed and delivered through a personalized dashboard application. 


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