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Student Success Through Analytics

K-12 schools collect an ever increasing amount of information on students, faculty, parents, staff, school climate and academics. Information is housed in a multitude of ways, both “old-school” on paper and “new-school” in data warehouses and in clouds. When tasked with making important decisions or pressured to increase deliverables, school leaders are challenged with how to turn the data into an asset they can rely on.

Assure assists schools to not only consolidate and store information from disparate sources, but make it simple to interface and access anytime, anywhere from any device in the form of Dashboards, Analytics, Reports and scorecards.  Imagine the ability to discover hidden trends, gain insight or track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) specific to student achievement, school climate, curriculum & instruction, family engagement, teacher effectiveness and more. Now imagine all this possibility with low ongoing costs, complete transparancy with a quick payback period in a fully automated and highly secured platform. 


Choosing the Right Solutions


Just like their corporate counterparts, primary schools must be choosy when it comes to investing in Business Intelligence & Analytics expenditures.  School systems both flush with finances or struggling require a quick and notable Return on Investment (ROI). Assure understands foremost that schools need the provision of Business Intelligence & Analytical tools that are powerful, simple to use, easily accessible and fully aligned with essential K-12 Drivers. Critical drivers include:


  • Improving Test Scores
  • Reducing Achievement Gaps
  • Teacher Evaluations
  • Scheduling



  • Instructional Best Practices
  • Student/Teacher Health
  • Managing Student Behaviors
  • Assessing School Safety/Risk & Emergency Protocols


  • Indicators of College & Career Readiness
  • Home School Communications
  • Heightening Parent Engagement
  • College & Career Readiness



Assure K-12 Framework


A well-managed BI program can assist primary and secondary education institutions to dramatically improve a number of key measures of effectiveness and efficiency. At Assure we stand behind a highly customized approach that thoroughly addresses the Strategic, Analytical and Operational aspects of every K-12 project.




Depict the health of the organization.

Help identify potential opportunities for expansion and improvement




Used to understand trends and why certain things are happening by making comparisons across time and multiple variables




Monitor real time operations.

Alert users to deviations from the norm




At Assure our mission is to arm education professionals with crucial facts, intuitive and rich visualizations, infographic techniques and real time response systems displayed by each interactive Dashboard. Furthermore, to strengthen every K-12 school’s sustainable ability to safely store vast amounts of data, analyze the data, uncover dynamic ways the data interacts, and ultimately communicate results to students, teachers, parents, and school boards. 


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