Next Generation K-12 Analytics
Hindsight, Insight, Foresight

K-12 districts and schools share common challenges. Hindsight, insight and foresight are needed in order to make better data-informed decisions across operational and academic systems.


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District360 brings together innovative advances in data management, business intelligence (BI), predictive analysis and artificial intelligence (AI) to create a single management platform for K-12 analytics.




Data Management


District360 brings together all your data (SIS, Assessment, Enrollment, Behavior, Social-Emotional, LMS, Financial, and others) for dashboard and visualization analysis and reporting. Native extract, transform and load capability (ETL) removes the burden that current solutions place on districts and schools for data prep and dashboard and visualization population.





Business Intelligence


District360 provides a library of dashboard and visualization types and templates for immediate use. Educators can easily see their data, as permitted, at the district, school, grade, cohort, class, student level. Drill- down support from top/down to bottom/up delivers unique data hindsight and insight at all levels of the organization. In-memory processing delivers immediate analytical results. 



  • Depict the health of the organization
  • Help identify potential opportunities for expansion and improvement



  • Used to understand trends and why certain things are happening by making comparisons across time and multiple variables



  • Monitor real-time operations and alert users to deviations from the norm



Advanced Analytics


Through advanced analytics, District360 can unlock the power of foresight. Predictive analytics supports a variety of statistical techniques including data mining, and predictive modelling, and machine learning to analyze current and historical data to make predictions about future events. Longitudinal analysis provides significant insight and foresight into key areas of institutional and student performance/improvement. 


Artificial Intelligence


District360 acknowledges the challenge that districts and schools face in becoming more data literate. Understanding that educators within an organization are likely to be at different levels of data proficiency, District360 offers a persona-based user interface (UI) window into viewing and analyzing data. District360 offers three distinct user data interfaces: a reporting interface, an analyst interface, and an AI-supported chatbot interface.


The chatbot brings a real-time interface to traditional dashboards and visualizations for use by administrators and teachers for making strategic decisions faster, gaining insight and tracking performance using key performance indicators (KPI’s), and discovering new insights and hidden trends. 

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