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Organizations who strive to excel in operational productivity need only to seek out our existing solutions or enable new solutions that consistently surprise in both practicality and ingenuity. Assure has built a number of solutions for a variety of industries.


 Solutions By Industry

Education (K-12 Analytics)


Learn how Assure eServices empowers schools to harness valuable insight with cloud, on-premise or hybrid data solutions. 

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Rapidly integrate data from point-of-sale, merchandising, supply chain, digital advertising, social media, financial, marketing, and resource management systems to identify revenue, margin and profit opportunities.  


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Accelarate agency modernization goals. Gain visibility into operations, programs and processes. Empower staff with access to vast amounts of information in ways never before possible. Reduce the time and cost to improve agency performance.

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Manage risk. Identify areas for cost savings. Strengthen customer relationships. Respond quickly to regulatory inquiries. Analyze trade activity and assess performance. Understand exposures to assets and counterparties. Find new ways to gain competitive advantage.


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Gain real-time business visibility across your entire manufacturing value chain. Operate leaner. Make smarter decisions. Create operational and supply-chain efficiencies. Collaborate more closely with manufacturing partners and key customers. Improve business agility for intelligent, demand-driven manufacturing. 

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Physicians are demanding quicker, better results at lower costs. Critical data about lab orders, products, customers, inventory, sales and finance live in disparate systems. It is often challenging, especially to get the right information to the right people at right time, which leads to higher costs or delays.


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