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Increase Profitability With Our Analytical Solutions 

Dentists are demanding quicker, better results at lower costs. Critical data about lab orders, products, customers, inventory, sales and finance live in disparate systems. It is often challenging, especially to get the right information to the right people at right time, which leads to higher costs or delays.

Self-service lab intelligence solutions

  • At-a-glance holistic views of the business units to senior management with the ability to gain insight and track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) specific to a lab, product lines or customers. Enables management and front-line users to make strategic decisions faster.
  • Empowers business users to discover new insights and see hidden trends by slice and dice, filter and search the data. It is all about asking and answering the next question.
  • Make traditional reports available to the users for a collaborative and team-based decision making. Right information to the right users at the right time and access with any device. 




  • Senior managers can access consolidated and lab specific dashboards, analysis and reports at-a-glance with the options to drill-down into specific business area.
  • Relationship managers can access data and ask questions and find answers such as customer slippage and new account activity.
  • Consolidated report portal which allows end users to see their lab specific reports. One place where all the lab reports are managed and available to users with a role based access to the content.
  • Acquire, manage and get insights about channel selling - universities, dental chains, reseller if any and others.
  • Zero-wait, instantaneous results. Users get the data whenever they need it, without interrupting IT to build reports or have them refresh data and send to users.
  • Information for everyone- access the data anytime anywhere from desktop, browser or mobile devices.


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