Business Intelligence & Analytics
From Big Data to Big Impact

In this new era of Big Data, intelligent enterprises are successful enterprises. To be intelligent, organizations need technologies, applications, processes and ultimately the right partners to collect, organize and analyze their data, both structured and unstructured. As your Partners in Business Intelligence & Analytics, Assure is driven to harness these capabilities for any size enterprise.  


Our BI & Analytics approach is in part powered by the highly regarded Qlik Analytics Platform. Assure with Qlik means highly experienced implementation consultants with well-defined best practices, methods and project execution capabilities. With easy access from any device and easy integration with your existing data sources (SIS, third party applications, structured and unstructured, Cloud, on-prem, File Stores), Qlik is unmatched in rich interaction and streamlined accessibility. The results are Dashboards, Analytics and Reports that are strategic, operational and analytical.




Providing actionable information in an intuitive, holistic and intelligent manner.


Starting with our unique process to drill-down and discover Key Performance Indicators, we then make sure that critical data is extracted effectively from disparate sources.


In essence, our Dashboards cut through the volume, velocity and variety of big data to extract the most salient information to allow front line users to make strategic decisions faster.  



Instantaneous results that empower users to effortlessly gain insights and view hidden trends.


Assure analytics includes sophisticated mathematical models to provide statistical analysis of a problem or can be a much simpler layer of organizing data to help users understand a question or challenge. 


Our creative vision and scientifically driven techniques results in captivating visualizations for you to clearly make sense of the results.




Assure knows the power of getting the right information to the right people at the right time in the right context.


Our offering is a consolidated report portal; one secure place where all reports are managed and generated to users based on their role and access to content.  


Traditional reports with drill-down, rich interactive features and controlled accessibility.



As consummate BI & Analytic professionals, we at Assure know not only how to turn raw data and information into meaningful knowledge for organizations but also how to communicate this knowledge to you. Our mission is to design intuitive and rich visulizations, infographic techniques and real-time response systems that makes every analytic tool interactive and actionable. Imagine Dashboards that are flexible in deployment (on premise/cloud/hybrid). Analytics that are simple to develop and maintain. Reports that reflect unique nuances and highly specified areas of focus.

Assure's BI & Analytics Service Model consists of highly trained consultants committed to helping customers develop new opportunities through proven methodologies, processes, architecture and techniques. We build for you the ability to accurately collect and analyze internal and external data to facilitate meaningful decision making.


Focused on delivering innovative, scalable and sustainable information delivery solutions to customers.

  • Managed Analytical Services
  • BI Tool Implementation
  • Security Implementation
  • Foundation Services
  • Asset Development (Dashboards, Analytics, Reports, Scorecards, Infographics) 
  • Data Discovery
  • Production Support
  • Geo-spatial Intelligence services
  • Application Integration
  • Center of Excellence
  • Mobile BI
  • Remote Server Management
  • Performance Tuning



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