Data Science
What happened?    What is happening?   What is likely to happen?


Given rapid technological advances, the question for companies now is how to integrate new capabilities into their operations and strategies - and position themselves to reap the benefits of powerful advanced analytics. Benefits that allow enterprises, big or small, to achieve smarter, highly regarded, and better overall performance. We at Assure think that “better performance” means different things to different companies or organizations. And it means that different types of data need to be isolated, aggregated, and analyzed depending upon each specific case dynamic. Whatever your starting point or capacity, though, Assure believes that the insights unleashed by advanced analytics should be easily accessible, easily adaptable and affordable. Big Data or small data, Assure will harness its’ collective power thus transforming how you solve problems and execute key decisions.


Our Process


At Assure, we are more than good data scientists. We are excellent data strategists, with all the  basic understandings of data science along with a thorough foundation in conceptual thinking, communication and project strategy. Thus our belief that the success of every data science project is determined by the outcomes derived and by ultimate user adoption.



The initial stages of any successful project is to enhance our understanding of the business and the problem, as well as the data sources which are available to tackle the problem. Through our precision engineered process, we efficiently and effectively combine various data sources wherever it lives.
Our experienced developers prepare the data using a variety of well known tools to extract statistics and key information. The data is run through several cleaning and blending tasks to minimize  data differences and inconsistencies and improve overall data quality and compatibility.
Our data scientists now  build analytical solutions and apply machine learning to rapidly prototype, train and confidently validate predictive models.
Once our developers confidently estimate model performance, our engineers oversee deployment and ensure a seamless adoption process. Assure places high value on effective delivery to users, integrating models with all applications or portals and offering flexible execution options. This process includes extensive training on the maintenance and embedding of every analytic result.



Assure eServices Helps Derive Outcomes-Driven Data Science Projects


Optimizing on our flexibility and aptitude for pioneering new techniques, we use whatever tools make sense, be it one that exists or one we need to develop, instead of limiting ourselves (and you) to black box solutions.


  • Descriptive Analytics (Metrics, Alerts, Triggers, Scorecards, Reports, Dashboards)
  • Predictive Analytics (Classification, Prediction, Discovery Modeling)
  • Prescriptive Analytics (Simulation What-Ifs, Optimization Modeling)




Blending our deep knowledge of Data Science and Advanced Analytics with the RapidMiner Platform allows us to build solutions and deliver to customers with increased speed.  The single platform for data curation to delivery allows our team of scientists to tackle the most rigorous challenges in the most efficient way possible.  RapidMiner Server makes it very easy to integrate analytics functions with other platforms like Qlik, Tableau and other leading Data Visualizations tools. For more information on our partnership with RapidMiner please visit Our Partners page.


  • Predictive
  • Segmentation  
  • Correlations
  • Feature Weights
  • Similarities
  • Associations
  • Ensemble
  • Optimizations



We are a team of seasoned Data Scientists and Data Strategists with a deep understanding of advanced analytics and statistical modeling, strategic thinking and a passion for our customers success. With expertise we help you source, cleanse, organize and interpret your raw data for advanced, proactive insight through validated modeling and rich visualization.


  • Connect all your data, no matter where it lives
  • Data Prep
  • Machine Learning
  • Model Deployment
  • Governance and Security
  • Integration with external applications


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