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Excellence that Evolves, Innovates and Delivers

At Assure, we are driven to design and deliver scalable applications on Salesforce Platform with high availability and are made to your exacting specifications. Offering end to end services starting with identifying your business challenges to architecting and implementing the right solution with maximum Return on Investment (ROI). We are flexible in our approach and treats every project as the only one of its kind.

At Assure we believe solutions of high value and reliability are achievable with use proven methodologies.  Our process of development blends the best practices matched to the individual demands and traits of each project. The result is the delivery of customer intensive, validated applications that are reliable, scalable and sustainable.  

Our Process


Signature to Assure is our process to swiftly help customers define the goals, characterize end-users, identify types of strategy and draft both the budget and the structure/timeline of every project. From start to finish, we embed accountability with clear milestone markers and a continuous stream of deliverables.


Personalized just for you, every design is crafted in response to the identifiers and drivers documented in the initial Define phase. Our team of architects deftly consider every functional component required for the project, designing applications that are flexible and support your evolving needs. 


In the hands of our expert coders, we build applications that are to scale, responsive and for maximum up time. We then conduct highly intensive testing to validate and optimize codes, being certain they adapt to every device. Adjustments or changes are implemented based on invaluable customer feedback.


Once a build is complete, we deploy it on all necessary mediums, whether on premise or cloud.  Additionally, we provide training to support usage and participation across stakeholders.  Our team can monitor application performance to pave the way for smoother user adoption.


Salesforce Services with an Excellence that Evolves, Innovates and Delivers.


Designing applications that are reliable, scalable and maintainable is what our team of developers do best. When building CRM applications our architects identify precisely which approach is the most appropriate for the task and can be delivered quickly and seamlessly on any platform.


  • Application Assessment
  • Planning & Architecture 
  • Application development 
  • Application Modernization
  • Application Integration
  • Data Interchange
  • Application Maintenance
  • Application outsourcing
  • Application Testing
  • PCI Compliance
  • Section 508 / ADA Compliance
  • UI / UX

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