Success Story
Asset Servicing / Institutional Investment Firm

A leading Asset Management firm headquartered in New York, providing financial products and services to institutions, corporations, and high net worth individuals in the United States and overseas. 

Engagement  Objectives


  • Build a system that will provide investment information to Money Managers and Fund Sponsors with an easy-to-use interface and with consistent high grade user experience. 
  • Rationalize and consolidate varying layers of financial market data from disparate sources and deliver to asset managers through one unified portal. 
  • Create highly personalized and interactive user experiences. 
  • Implement architecture components to support future evolutions of the portal. 




  • Succinctly defined essential application functionalities guided by our deep understanding of role based actionable information. 
  • Gathered the requirements to display  role based content for diverse users and departments with multi-language and multi-currency options. 
  • Identified and implemented the structure and solution concepts to achieve the established business objectives.
  • Assumed application support.




  • Delivered a unified solution with consistent features to a diverse number of user groups.
  • Developed self-service functionality to deliver information efficiently to users with time critical roles.
  • Over 5 years evolved the portal to keep pace with newly developed technologies- traditional web app to Web 2.0, SAO & RIA.
  • Multi-language and Multi-currency capability’s allowing an easy roll-out in different countries over a short span of time.
  • Portal includes Dynamic User Interface pages, Interactive Reports and Dashboards.


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