Success Story
Massachusetts State Agency

State agency in Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Employs over 500 people in 5 office locations, 5 Bureaus and many Divisions. Runs statewide public inquiry and Assistance center (PIAC), and supports over 30 regional local and mediation programs.


Business Intelligence applications, despite the name, is not only limited to Business. Government agencies use them a lot!

Indeed, up until recently, the main objective for the public sector was to easily and quickly access information; a goal that is now largely achieved thanks to Cloud technology and better software tools. Now the challenge is how these same entities can efficiently access vast amounts of existing data, consolidate it and prepare it for analytical capabilities. And ultimately maximize the immense wealth of information to facilitate strategy and decision-making.

Engagement  Objectives

  • Consolidate Pre-Litigation and Litigation cases with protected accessibility to the appropriate bureaus and divisions
  • Provide a separate easy to use website that meets Section 508/ADA requirements 
  • Business users need to easily configure application and roll-out to public on-demand.




  • Built an enterprise reporting solutions with role-based security with Active Directory integration
  • Built scripting language that is easily understood by business users  for their configuration  
  • A Centralized BI application that manages the underlying multiple business intelligence tools, provides a seamless view to end-users and in a secured environment.
  • Assumed On-going support for application maintenance.



  • Provided powerful yet simple analytical capabilities to all Executive members, Bureau and Division Managers so they can discover insights related to complaints and cases.
  • Intelligently designed and easy to roll-out web parameter interface that allows business users to configure, test and deploy sites in hours.
  • Overall reduction in costs because of our application and server consolidations
  • Met all standards for 508 compliance



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