Assure eServices is an IT Services and Solutions company with a global delivery model, offering a fresh approach to science driven data technology and custom software development. 

With rapid provisioning, flexible service offerings, and a wide range of experience across industry sectors, Assure is poised to deliver maximum value to each customer.

Areas of Expertise

Our domains of expertise focus on three service areas: Business Intelligence & Analytics, Data Science and Application Services. We believe that excellence in these three areas guarantees deliverables, that revolutionize the way you do business now and into the future.



BI & Analytics 

Transforming your data into an actionable and powerful asset.

Patterns and trends at a glance for executives. Problems flagged early for analysts. Enabling users with business discovery.

Assure expertly guides organizations to build and discover end-user driven, self-service solutions to access anywhere, anytime, from any device.

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Data Science

Applying statistical methods, machine learning and the necessary data preparation to uncover deep insights.

Going beyond insight driven analysis to make proactive predictions.

Our data scientists expertly build predictive models with machine learning algorithms, perform validation, train and operationalize them for end-user analysis.

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Application Services

Build and deploy your mission-critical performance applications to address your business challenges with tangible and measurable benefits.

Assure brings a fresh approach to the  application development process.

Our architects and developers will work hand in hand with you, staying closely aligned with your business goals and needs.

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Testimonials from Satisfied Customers


“ I have leveraged Assure eServices for several projects this year and plan on leveraging them for additional projects next year. They are extremely professional and deliver on-time and within budget. I have no hesitation in recommending Assure eServices for work you may be considering. ”


- VP, Wholesale Banking


“ I cannot count the times that Assure eServices (AeS) has saved the day in regards to our quarterly releases. They have certainly gone the extra mile to make our projects successful under extremely stressful conditions. AeS has consistently delivered quality work on-time and on-budget in a professional and personable manner. ”


- Marlin Fowler, e.Commerce Development Manager BNY Mellon


“ Entire Assure eServices organization did a very good job of learning our technical requirements, training an in-house team to perform the work, and delivering a product that was to our specifications. I would engage Assure eServices on any future project with confidence that the work would meet price and quality standards. ”


- Bobby Brown, President, Interstate Signways


" Assure eServices developed a new web application for one of my companies. I worked with other companies in the past, but none compare. Assure eServices staff are great. They listen, understand, and always come up with new ideas. Very customer oriented. They are professional, and dealing with phone calls and emails out of the U.S is easy "


- Richard Nelson, President, Caritronics, Inc. 



Assure expends dedicated resources to consistently develop solutions that drive further transformations in the big data landscape for any size enterprise. Organizations who strive to excel in operational productivity need only to seek out our existing solutions or enable new solutions that consistently surprise in both practicality and ingenuity. Explore our solutions