QlikView Practice

Traditional Business Intelligence(BI) is a well-defined, mature category which provides top-down solutions owned and driven by Information Technology (IT) team. Business Discovery approach is really different. It's transformative technology that reflects a shift to end-user driven BI. QlikView, a product platform from QlikTech bridges the gap between traditional BI and standalone office productivity software.

Assure eServices helps companies to build and discover end-user driven, self-service solutions using QlikView Platform in an IT controlled environment. Now IT can empower business users with direct access to answers which can be accessed anywhere anytime from desktop, browser and mobile.

Direct control of data.

  • Users can perform data analysis themselves.
  • Free up valuable IT time.

Rich Interactive Dashboards.

  • Users can slice and dice massive amounts of data without returning to IT with every query.
  • Dynamic and Interactive data analysis.
  • Social and Collaborative.

Real-time analysis.

  • Users are always connected to the underlying data source, and not frustrated by outdated information or wait times.
  • Replace static screen grabs and outdated reports with self-service BI.

Build once, Access from any device

  • Anytime, Anywhere access to actionable data
  • Total freedom from the desktop
  • Supporting Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Acer Liquid, HTC Hero, Magic, Motorolo Driod, Nexus One, Samsung Galaxy and Sony Ericsson X10, BlackBerry Bold and Storm

Qlikview on iPad


Service Offerings

AeS QlikView Practice consists of highly experienced implementation consultants with well-defined best practices, methods and project execution capabilities. QlikView Practice at Assure eServices is focused on delivering innovative, scalable and sustainable information delivery solutions to customers using QlikView.

  • Center of Excellence (CoE)
  • Reports, Analytics and Dashboards
  • Mobile Business Intelligence
  • Server Administration
  • Remote Server Management
  • Application Integration
  • Single Sign-on and Security Implementation