We understand every custom development effort and every project is different. Offering comprehensive array of custom solutions to clients using Actuate technology is the one and only focus of Actuate Practice at Assure eServices.

Our team of experts help Actuate customers to get most out of their investment, from building sophisticated reports and dashboards to end-to-end information delivery solutions and beyond.

Please contact us to know more about our Actuate service offerings that can be tailored to your specific needs.

  • Actuate to BIRT Conversion

  • BIRT Annual Maintenance Contract

  • BIRT Performance Dashboards

  • BIRT Cloud Enablement

  • Security Implementation

  • BIRT Center of Excellence (CoE)

  • Application Integration

We meet our client’s needs with a team of most productive, experienced and highly trained Actuate consultants.

Report Objects

Our experts bring wealth of knowledge from various industries, have developed and maintained hundreds of Actuate reports and libraries.

Report Development

We develop sophisticated, performance optimized reports, with XML, TOC, Search enabled for e-Reporting, from any data sources like RDBMS, Flat files, XML, EJBs etc. Apart from standard charts and graphs provided by Actuate, we are experts in building custom charts as per client’s requirements.


We build effective custom libraries and classes that can be reused in many reports. We have developed libraries to build custom charts, templates to generate dynamic reports in different format based on the Actuate product and platform it runs.


If your Organization is in need of upgrading older version of actuate reports to latest version, our experience in upgrade projects can be leveraged, including solving many run time errors and other issues. Our upgrade service includes benchmark, performance testing, suggestions to improve the coding if any, and testing the reports in report servers in different platform.


We have helped clients in the conversion process, which brings Non-Actuate reports and applications, under Actuate Umbrella. We have converted many reports from Crystal, SQR to Actuate, not only the content, along with all features that Actuate provide.


Report Server

Business needs drive deployment architecture. Our experts help clients whether client needs a single machine iServer deployment or needs flexible clustering model, ranging from minimum availability of two machines configuration to multiple machines configuration for high availability and scalability. Our expertise in Web Services and Application servers such as Tomcat, WebSphere and Weblogic, helps to expedite integration of iServer components to other enterprise products.

We work with clients to identify whether they need single machine configuration or clustering based on various factors such as whether they require high availability system, What is their intended audience population and throughput needs, Application growth patterns, incremental growth, available in-house skill sets, content generation scenarios, Number of applications to be integrated with iServer. Everything matters.

Report Server Upgrade

We help Actuate customers to upgrade their earlier version of Actuate report server to iServer or version 6.Our process starts with requirements gathering, analysis, installation, configuration, Management, Application upgrade if any. Lot of new things have been introduced in Actuate 6 and 7, especially in the report server side, things such as PMD, Multiple Encyclopedia volumes, Services, Partition, Administer the Report Server through Management Console etc. Please contact us for more details.


Whether client needs an out-of-box Actuate solution, or simple customization of report cast templates or Active Portal, or need a highly available, scalable, robust reporting application. We have got all experience and expertise that Actuate customer need. Please contact us for a demo of reporting applications such as Self-Serve, Web Reporting etc that we have developed and delivered to clients.

Report Server Maintenance

We help clients to manage the server environment effectively to maintain the performance at optimum level for a competitive business. By leveraging our onsite and offshore model, Our team of experts monitor and manage the report server around the clock, from our offshore facility and on-site US office. This blended solution helps clients to bring down the report server maintenance cost. We manage report server activities such as encyclopedia archive, backup, monitor, cleanup etc, along with Operating system administration, Monitor the CPU, Disk space, Memory utilization, configuration, Problem diagnosis, Escalation of hardware problems etc. Please contact us for more details.



Assure eServices helps clients to build reporting applications such as self-serve, e-Reporting or Custom applications. We work with clients to lay the foundation for their system and make sure that they have a solid foundation to build on.

Performance Tuning

Our Performance tuning experts help Actuate customers to identify key bottlenecks in the system and make the changes needed to get the system up to speed.


We augment client’s team with key individuals who will assure the success of project, while mentoring the client’s staff in the actuate report development, Administer report server and building Actuate based applications.